Ohmygoodness, this has been a crazy-busy weekend! It’s been a tipsy-turvy but incredibly fun roller coaster ride of a family dinner that included an engagement announcement from my older brother (ack! Congrats again Chris & Tara! Love you both.), a late night filled with browsing wedding dresses, a party, babysitting, homework, and the added displeasure of having to break my diagnosis of Lyme to my best friends. So, whew. I’m still catching my breath.

The dinner (@ Jax in NE Mpls.) was delicious. We all had a great time, better late than never is definitely right. I’m still thinking about that chocolate cake with Irish cream frosting…yummm…. It was so beautiful as we were leaving too. I took some awesome photos of the snow. We’ll see if I’ll find a moment to upload them to my Photo Album in progress this week.

The engagement was a surprise, but not a shock. I think we all saw it coming, but actually seeing the ring and hearing their story truly let it sink in for us all. We’re all so happy for them! I have a distinct feeling that the time between now and 2010 will pass oh so quickly….

Tara’s sister hosted a Partylite party this afternoon. That was fun; we were able to meet some of her family. And, don’t forget the candles! Ah, I can’t wait for the new grapefruit scented one :) (I have a soft spot for grapefruit…..)

I do really enjoy babysitting, no matter how crazy it is. I love kids, and although tonight was a tough one I think I passed the test. We’ll see. But, I think the added bonus is that I was able to spend a few hours stamping and painting with watercolors! Thank goodness for Christmas presents. I had a tied chess game too. I’ve really got to brush up my skills there, that was a close game!

I didn’t get as much writing done as I had hoped, but I’m taking it in stride. I’ve got a few short stories in the works, and I have my mind set on finishing at least one by tomorrow afternoon. Wish me luck! I think I’ll need it… Mondays are hard to work here at home because both my parents are home from work. Distractions abound!

And, yes I was finally able to break my news to a few of my closest friends. Not all, but most. I’ve only been trying to tell them since New Year’s Eve. Not my fault these people are busy! I think they all took it pretty well. I’d mentioned the possibility of Lyme before so it wasn’t a huge shock. It’s still sinking in, I’m sure. I know it is for me. Hopefully I’ll be able to answer any questions they have and clear up the confusion. No promises there guys! You know me… confusion is my way of life!

And, I hope I made sure that they all know how much I’ll need their amazing support and friendships throughout this new journey of mine. They’ve never let me down yet, and they’ve got 6 years behind them so far! I’m the stronger for it, and I hope they are too. Friends are just as important to family in a long journey like mine. Any one’s journey actually. We all have our struggles to bear, and our problems to solve. I’ll still be here for them as well. We’ll lean on each other, how’s that sound guys?  

Well on that note I’ll say goodbye for tonight,

Peace, molly