Hello again! Ah, what a nice day: Lots to do and accomplish but plenty of time to do it in. Or, that’s how it feels now that I’m done with it all…. I have a feeling that earlier today I would have completely contradicted myself!


 First off, before I forget (*Blog Updates*) I’ve finally added quite a few photos to my Photo Album page! I hope you all take a few minutes to take a look at them. There are some of my favorites in there! I’m still combing through picture files though so I’m not done yet. Just be advised… 


 And, another piece of news for you! Today was my 1 week anniversary. Whew, I made it through my first entire week with Lyme! Time for an update perhaps? Let’s see… I’m not nauseous. Which, is odd actually. The antibiotic I’m taking right now is known to cause nausea. And on top of that I’m normally nauseous from day-to-day because (as I often explain) being constantly dizzy does have that affect upon a person. So, I was expecting to be quite sick to my stomach by now. But no signs of that yet! You’ll hear no complaints tonight from me about that one at least.


As far as my dizziness goes, I have been a bit more than normal I suppose. It’s such a normal state for me now that I don’t notice it as much anymore unless I stop to think about it. Or, something stresses it. But yes, I have noticed it lately. I’ve been a bit more tipsy than I’d like to admit! It’s worse as the day progresses and I get more tired. The more tired I am the more stressed my system gets which only increases all my symptoms. It’s harder now in the winter too because it gets dark so much earlier and darkness makes me dizzy. That’s to do with being less able to gauge where I am in space, if that makes any sense? Basically, I’m unable to judge where I am in the dark because some of my senses are taken away. So, I fall or stagger, or feel like the room is spinning around me. Usually I’m the one spinning though, not the room. But, I’m adjusting to take the extra dizziness into account these days. If worse gets to worse, I can always dig up my old Vestibular Exercises. (Ickky!)


What else is left now? Oh yes: My pain. I’ve had a few slight flair-ups; none of them lasted too long though. My legs are troubling me these days, but no more than usual. I compensate by stealing the easy chair in the living room! It’s so much nicer to work with your legs up, don’t you think? It’s easier on the inflammation too. Gotta love those added benefits. I haven’t had to break out any pain meds recently though, so I’m thankful for that.


Another thing I’m thankful for? I rediscovered my music today! Odd, I know, but it seems that I forgot about it for the past few weeks. I do tend to forget things easily (Fibro fog? Memory loss from my concussion? Or the Lyme. Take your pick.). Anyhow, I found it again today and I’m so happy!


I love music. I have no musical abilities whatsoever myself, but I absolutely love listening to it. Today while I was working I put on my newest “Buddha Bar” CD. Which, if you haven’t heard any of them they’re so wonderfully peaceful! Very calming, and grounding. Then later I found a few old favorites from my library to listen to. There’s not much better than a song that just makes you smile after a long day. Is there?


And, so with that thought in my head and the smile still on my face,

I’ll bid you all g’night!

                peace, molly


“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I intended to be.” ~ Douglas Adams