Ah, another week completed.  And I survived it folks. Week two on antibiotics for my Chronic Lyme Disease has drawn to a close, and what a crazy week it was!


The only reason I’m able to tell when I’ve finished up another week is because I run out of days with pills in them in my 7-day pill container. I love this thing! It has seriously made my life so much easier. I no longer have to open up who knows how many bottles each night, and I’m actually remembering to take my morning medications which is definitely a plus!


I’m still working on getting a routine down that will work for me. I absolutely hate set schedules and times, but I’ve discovered over the years that if I don’t work on creating one for myself I really do suffer. I’ll forget to take meds or supplements, or I’ll forget that we actually have an exercise bike in the basement that I could be riding, or that I have English homework due on Friday. So, instead I’m teaching myself to develop routines that work for me. I take my meds at the same time, I check my classes online every day and work on them in a certain order, and I also have times during the day in which I just know that I need to stop working and just rest. (I’m still working on that whole exercise bike thing…) As much as I hate them, I know I need them. It’s a process… acceptance is the first step, right?


So to continue working things out I’ve added my meds and my supplements to my daily computer calendar so it will actually remind me to take them at a certain time if I set it to. Anyone guessed yet that I haven’t set it quite yet? I’m a bit of a stubborn person… and I tend to adopt the attitude of “I’ll do it myself!!”. For better, or for worse, we shall see.


I’m feeling alright, overall. Some odd symptoms are sneaking back now and again, but so far they’ve been manageable. I’ve still been able to work on my course work for school, I’m really happy about that. This week is the final week of the semester however, so I’m looking forward to the long weekend we’ve got after Friday afternoon. I’ve got plenty of Girl Scouts work to catch up on, and some books I’m dying to just settle down and read for a few hours.


And, who’s not excited about inauguration day?! It’s so soon and yet so far away. I wish I could say I wanted the time to fly by, but I’d really rather it didn’t so I’ll have some time to breathe and finish up my finals projects and papers!


But, I’ll not get a head of myself. I really can’t wait for tomorrow morning though. I’ll be up bright and early tomorrow for an acupuncture appointment. I’ve been looking forward to it for weeks. It’s been so long since my last appointment that I can’t even remember when it was! (I’m restraining myself from further comment…)


Anyway, ’till tomorrow,



“Wonder is the beginning of wisdom.” ~Greek Proverb