Ok, so much has happened in the past few days that it almost seems daunting to be sitting here trying to summarize it all for you. It’s been a complete mix of both amazing and inspiring events, to recoveries, excitements, and the inevitable repercussions that follow.The good days and the bad ones, the ups and the downs, I know they come with the territory. But every so often they just hit ya right in the face. And not always in a bad way, but often in a good one. I’m a realistic person, and feeling the ground under my feet is an emotion I’m willing to accept today.


It all began on Thursday. I did make it in to see my chiropractor, and yes thank God I seem to have recovered from my migraine! He made a few adjustments and almost instantaneously I could feel the pain just begin to melt away. I love that feeling. It’s like all of a sudden you can hear yourself think again. The dark overcast sky has moved on, and away, and you’re there just waiting for the sun to shine again. Is that a bit melodramatic? Oh well, if it gets the imaging across I’m happy. He agrees that I need some more work done though, so I’ll be seeing him again in a few weeks.


Friday morning my dad and I went in to see my doctor, just to check in on my progress so far and have a precautionary EKG done. The appointment went well. I listed off my seemingly odd symptoms and experiences so far and she just nodded and took notes. Apparently, I’m normal! Who knew?! Well, ok, I’ll rephrase that. I’m normal in the Lyme world.


My body sweats and chills, increased nausea, dizziness, fatigue, and I can’t even remember what else right now, are all normal reactions for me to be experiencing if I am indeed having a Herx. Need some refreshing on what that is exactly? Well a Herxheimer reaction, or Herx for short, occurs when the body (my body!) is experiencing the overwhelming effect of the toxins from the Lyme Disease as they’re being released from being killed off by the antibiotics. The body can’t get rid of them fast enough, and therefore both new and old symptoms begin to crop up again. Having a Herx is considered a confirmation of the Lyme Disease in my case. So yes folks, I’ve officially got Chronic Lyme Disease. Honestly, I’m happy that it’s confirmed. Now we can move forward with more treatments and try to fight this thing!


My doctor gave me a a list of herbs and supplements to look into taking. I’ll be starting Probiotics soon to give my body some help with good bacteria. The antibiotics are killing most of it right now, so it’s best to supplement. I’m still learning more about this, so there’ll more to come I’m sure. I’m also really intrigued by her request of me to begin taking grapefruit seed extract. There’s new research to show it’s usage in killing the “cyst” form of the disease, which antibiotics are unable to do. Exciting, huh? I’m amazed at the use of these natural sources for fighting the disease. Another supplement we’re looking into is Cordyceps mushroom which helps boost the immune system and also fights Lyme. I sense a trip to the Co-Op soon to look for these! Ah, and just a side-note… my EKG was just fine, so no worries there guys.


I spent the rest of Friday afternoon working on school work and cleaning my room. It’s taken me months to find the energy to do that, and I’m so glad I pushed myself to do it. I’m so enjoying being able to chill out on my couch again. I missed that. And, Friday night my best friend was able to sleep over! We were up until at least 1 watching chick flicks. The perfect end to a busy and crazy day I’d say!


Saturday morning we woke up bright and early (I don’t even want to think about how many hours of sleep I got..) to walk at the Juvenile Walk for Diabetes at the Mall of America. We walked to support a fellow Girl Scout from our service unit. And, let me just say that it was completely and totally worth it. It was truly amazing! The amount of people there was phenomenal, and the spirit and energy there was just so inspiring! I’ll post some photos later :)


So after all that excitement and walking, I crashed for the rest of the day yesterday. I was just so tired. I was dizzy, and tired, and nauseous but I didn’t regret it. And, I still don’t today. Sure, today was a long day, but like I said earlier… the ups and the downs come with the territory. I’m just proud that I pushed through and enjoyed myself so much over the long weekend. Today after teaching Preschool at my church I collapsed again (luckily, I can get to my couch now so that’s not as much of a problem anymore). My mom says she can “see it in my eyes” that I’m sick. And, I think I’d agree. I’m starting to feel the Herx more and more. Today I was feverish instead of chilled. My head aches, my legs and feet are painful to the touch, and I’m avoiding closing my eyes because I’m somewhat dizzier than normal and I don’t want to admit it. I had a great evening visiting with my brother and sister-in-law, and a morning to make me smile with my Preschool class. So it wasn’t a bad day altogether, but oh man parts of it were. I think though, that one of the benefits of having symptoms of “brain fog” and memory loss, is that I’ll probably just forget that this afternoon was horrible and only remember the good parts of the rest of the day. At least, I can only hope.


Peace, molly


“We have normality. I repeat, we have normality. Anything you still can’t cope with is therefore your own problem.” ~ Douglas Adams