I told you I wanted to decorate it, didn’t I? I warned you. So that’s what I did today, my first official day of Spring Break, I painted my boring, black eye patch! I cleared off the table, found my acrylics, and set to work. Here it is, in all it’s glory:


Painted Eye Patch


It was fun! I love painting, but I never seem to get around to doing it. And, I never know what to paint once I start. But this was fun. I wanted to give people an idea of both my personality, and a clue to how I normally feel. I don’t think anyone will get dizzy looking at this, but hey you never know. At least it makes me smile, and that’s what really matters. I admit it!


I woke up this morning and just knew it was going to be a long, rough day. Turns out it was raining, and still is. I climbed down from my loft bed and made it all the way onto my couch, which is underneath it, before lying down again. The rest of the day had it’s ups and downs, but to be honest I’m exhausted. No other words I can think of describe the feeling any better. It’s energy-consuming to just get up and down, walk a flight of stairs, or take a bath. I often black out temporarily when I stand up, and I’m winded after walking down a flight of stairs. My parents are getting things for me, and doing what I don’t feel I can. My hands shake so much at this point that I often choose not to chop or cut anything. It’s hard. I’m such an independent person that it’s difficult to admit I need the help.


I’ve got another doctor appointment with my LLMD tomorrow afternoon, and an appointment with my eye doctor before that to dilate and check out my eyes because of the blurry/double vision. I’m looking forward to seeing my LLMD; I’m interested in hearing what she has to say about the past few weeks. I’ve been on my new meds for about 3 weeks now. I’ll  make sure to update you all about it, no worries!


I do have some good news though! I love sharing it almost as much as I love discovering it. If you remember last month I was talking about the “incessant ringing” in my ears. It was relentless, and enough to drive me crazy at times. It was one of the first symptoms I ever had, oh about 6 years ago now. It was off again, on again since then but came on full force after I began treatment for Lyme at the start of the year. I’m thrilled to announce that I realized this week that it was finally quiet. There is no more ringing! I can hear myself think again! (That is, when I can think clearly. But, we’ll just go with it!) The last herx must have cleared it up. One theory is that you look for old symptoms to crop back up again. Once they do, you live them out until they clear themselves away with the antibiotics. And, once they’re gone they’re gone forever! I hope the ringing is gone forever. Wouldn’t that be nice?


Peace & healing, molly


“Painting is easy when you don’t know how, but very difficult when you do.” ~ Edgar Degas