That only sounds a little menacing! As I promised, here’s my update from my monthly LLMD appointment. It was a few days ago, I admit. But I was thoroughly exhausted that night as well as yesterday. I blew off some steam in the meantime by sewing up my own little storm. :)  And what did I make? A headband that turned out to be too small and a beautiful new pillow! If I’m feeling ambitious I’ll see if I can post a photo later.


Anyway, back to my update. It was a very busy, and time sensitive schedule that day. First my dad rushed home to take me to my eye doctor. It was suggested (by just about everyone) that I see him so that he could dilate my eyes and check them out a bit closer. He thought he might be able to see if there was something causing the double vision of late. Turns out he did find some signs of inflammation in my eyes and some small hemorrhages.


His exact words were: “ I saw some small hemorrhages, but it’s nothing major. Lets just make sure she comes in for another dilation in a few weeks to keep an eye on it.”


Hmmm… as I told my dad, I don’t associate “nothing major” with the word “hemorrhage”! It seems to me to be something that’s not at all good and should be avoided. But, what to I know? So, I go back in two weeks and we’ll see what happens. In the meantime we’re getting a second opinion by a Lyme-literate optometrist recommended by my LLMD when I told her what he had said. Which, leads me into the second phase of that time-crunched day….


After that appointment my dad rushed me downtown where he dropped me off at my LLMD’s office to meet my mom while he went on to a meeting. And my mom and I preceded to meet with my LLMD. (Very synchronized!) We talked about my latest symptoms and discussed my options for my treatment plan.


She wants me to cut down (majorly) on my refined sugars and carbs. And that means a switch to rice pasta, and no more French bread. Eating those foods allows yeast a hospitable environment in my body since I’m taking so many antibiotics. I’ve got be careful about my yeast levels since the antibiotics are killing off not just the bad bacteria, but the beneficial ones as well.


Since I’ve been blacking out pretty frequently after I stand up, she’s suggested that I need some additional adrenal support as well. So I’ll be up-ing my intake of vitamin C (Smoothies!!) and I’ve begun drinking licorice root tea. It’s not bad; it’s got a very raw taste at first and then suddenly it’s cooling and coats your mouth and throat. I think it takes some getting used to!


I’m also going to begin taking Samento every day. I don’t know much about it, so I’ll let you know as soon as I do. What I know so far is that it’s a natural antibiotic that has been shown to fight Lyme. Sounds good so far! I just have to be careful to start with small dosages and work my way up to higher ones slowly because it can cause herxs as well. My LLMD has also requested that I start taking a lipoic acid supplement every day. We’re looking into that this weekend.


My list of everyday supplements, medications, vitamins, and practices is getting longer! That’s for sure. I’m struggling to keep track of it all, but so far I think I’m doing pretty good.


Peace, molly


“Everything is getting better everyday.”