It’s all about the little things. I’m thoroughly convinced. I was reminded of it today as I was opening my Yogi Tea and read the little saying on the paper. I love those things! I wish I could open all the teabags in the box just to read them all! Mine this morning read: your head must bow to your heart. They just make you think, don’t they?


So what did I do? I remembered that I had the daily affirmations application on Facebook. I check it everyday for one that speaks to me. Every once and I while I’ll send one to a friend, or my mom, or anyone that an affirmation speaks to me about. But for the most part I use it myself.


I’ve always been a positive person, and affirmations just make me smile. They can hold so much purpose in our lives. It’s really quite a thought to think about. The particular affirmation that spoke to me today was: Everything is getting better every day. I just love that! And really, it’s so true for me. Every single day I’m healing and working to get rid of my Lyme Disease for good. And everyday I’m one day closer to doing it.


I created myself a desktop photo to remind myself of it since I spend most of my life on my computer. My desktop serves as a daily reminder to me as to what’s close to my mind, or my heart currently. So here’s the photo I’ve created. I took the photo itself in California last year while on vacation. I’ve always loved it and now it holds an even greater purpose.


I hope this affirmation brings some hope, and some peace of mind to someone else who needed it as much as I did.


Peace, molly