I don’t even know where to begin. This weekend has been so incredibly jam-packed with fun and inspiring events I only hope I can relate them all accurately enough!
Let’s see… where to start…


Well, actually a good friend of my mom’s is also going through treatment for Lyme right now (as well as her two sons who, like me, got it congenitally) and she set up a local showing of the movie Under Our Skin. I knew that I couldn’t watch it yet, but I was thrilled that there was the opportunity for my family and friends to go and see it. And they did! My parents, my best friend Emily, and her mom (my Girl Scout leader) all took the time to go and see the documentary. It really means so much that they were able to. I’m hoping this will bring more of an understanding of what I’m living through right now as they continue to support me through my treatment. Hopefully there’ll be another showing soon and I can send in a few more friends and family. I’d love to see it soon myself as well.


For those of you who haven’t heard of it, Under Our Skin is a documentary exploring the “untold story of Lyme disease” which has received some serious acclaim in the Lyme community for it’s real-life truths. Check out www.underourskin.com to learn more and see the trailer.


So that was yesterday afternoon, and afterwards I was able to spend the rest of the day with my best friends. It was wonderful. I hadn’t realized how much I needed to see them, and to have that dose of social interaction and normalcy. Sure, we talked about my spinal tap and how emotional the movie was for Em. But we also threw in some much-needed conversations about proms and football seasons. And, I admit it… I cheated on my diet, threw caution to the wind, and ate a slice of pizza! Ack! We capped the night off with the first bonfire of the year. One of many, I’m sure.


Today was exciting as well. It was the last day of my Preschool of Religion where I’m a 4 year-old teacher. We had a procession into church to honor Mary with flowers, and held a year end concert for the student’s families. I had such a blast teaching this year. It’s something I look forward to each Sunday. I hate waking up early, and often don’t feel well. But I know that it’s worth it. I love every hectic-filled minute. Ok, ask me that again in September and I’ll probably deny it!  But it always is so hard to say goodbye to all my kids at the end of the school year. I think I grow more attached than they do! However, the concert went off relatively smoothly and ended in them singing me Happy Birthday and presenting me with the largest balloon I think I’ve ever gotten. I love it! I’ll have to take a picture and share it tomorrow :)


After I escaped that chaos, I entered another.


This weekend was The Living Green Expo! It’s an entire weekend at the state fair grounds filled with food, vendors, and music all promoting and celebrating living green. I had a blast, and picked up a few needed necessities: some pins for my computer bag, a few soaps, a couple of reusable shopping bags (like we needed more!), and some great bumper stickers. My mom took information about getting another rain barrel, and I’m completely in awe over what I learned about green roofs. I really wished I could afford some of the hemp clothing, but I just looked instead. I could only stay a short while, but I soaked up the atmosphere. The handy-dandy collapsible cane did come out, but pretty near the end of my stay there. So I’m impressed with myself.


Overall, I’m glad I pushed myself this weekend. I’d so much rather be tired and worn out after having such great adventures, than sitting at home wishing I felt better.


More soon.

Peace and healing, molly


“Take nothing but pictures.
Leave nothing but footprints.
Kill nothing but time.”
– John Kay