GEDC2701Yep, that’s pretty much what it feels like these days. I just finished the saliva spit test I was talking about a few weeks ago. My doctor ordered it to test my adrenal glands. She suspects that they might be the cause to some of my all-too-often draining fatigue of late. So we’ll see. I was all set to take the test last week, but then we discovered that I had to be off one of my meds to do it. So, like I said we stopped those and today was the day. I’d been avoiding it all weekend. I couldn’t eat chocolate, onions, or garlic {all of which I of course craved today. It would be the day my dad suggested we have spaghetti for dinner and the day after I made gluten-free vegan brownies. Ughh.} And I couldn’t drink caffeine. For those of you that know me, you’ll agree that that one was a major biggie! I’m a tea drinker, and had to stick to only herbals all afternoon/evening. For the test, I had to collect samples at 4 specific times during the day. So I’m over here mentally throwing myself a party for remembering them ALL and my normal meds to boot. So, not a horrible day but not the most fun. {I hate getting up early. Oh, and gagging too. I hate gagging. But let’s not get into that!}


Otherwise it’s been another crazy, hectic few days since I wrote last. I spent all of last week cramming to finish up my Algebra II and Chemistry classes by Sunday night. I wasn’t able to keep up in the semester-long class so I was given an extension. And then when I realized I was too sick to finish by the end of my extension I was granted permission to complete a quarter credit’s worth of work instead of the full semester. That was a God-send! So it did take me many frustration-filled hours last week. But I finished! I’m so proud of myself. I brought my grade up from an F to an A during that week. My symptoms have really flared up since beginning treatment {of course} and school has been a struggle. For the most part I’m on track, but will be finishing up the other quarter’s worth of work in summer classes to make sure I’m ready for next fall.





This weekend was fun though! After the long week it was wonderful to just chill out and relax when my aunt and uncle came into town for a visit. We went out to dinner Saturday night and had them over for a Mother’s Day barbeque last night. Yesterday during the afternoon my parents and I made it to a special event at the Peace Garden which was so beautiful! I brought my camera along and had a lovely time playing with it and taking some photos.






Then today I started my school day early and completed as much work as I possibly could for the week. Why, you might be asking? Because tomorrow I’m having another spinal tap. Another LP. And then another few days of flat bed-rest afterwards praying I don’t get another spinal headache just in time for my big brother’s college graduation next weekend. I’m not too worried about getting another one. At least this time I know what to expect, and more importantly I know that I’ve gotten through it before without a problem. The more annoying aspect of the procedure is that I have a scheduled 6 hours of bed-rest at the clinic afterwards. So I’ll literally be there until they close. Oh lucky me. So think of me tomorrow morning and wish me a speedy recovery, if you will. GEDC2721


Thanks so much!

And I hope you enjoy the photos I took at the Peace Garden.

Peace and healing, molly

“Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.”