I finally decided it was time to start taking the Cat’s Claw we bought a month ago. Yeah, I know. I was avoiding it. I admit it whole-heartily! My LLMD is seeing great results from it with her patients. And we’ve heard from others who have been treated for Lyme with it. {One of whom is in remission!} They highly recommend that I try taking it as well.


I’m all for trying anything once. Call me adventurous, but really I just want to be well again in the shortest time frame possible. A lot to ask, I know. So why have I avoided it? I have one hesitation – those who have taken it describe a horrible herx following it. So, that means it works. It’s killing those little buggers. But I have to live through the process of it. I’m not looking forward to it.


And I’m wondering to myself why exactly I chose today of all days to start. I still have a week’s worth of school to get through before my summer begins and I’m actually a week behind in turning work in. Great. There’s an excellent example of Lyme brain right there. I forgot all of those things when I found the bottle of Saventaro in my meds bag while I was filling my pill containers for the week.


So I’ll of course record my experiences with it here as often as I can now that I’ve begun. I’m excited to have found the Saventaro though. It’s a pill form of TOA-free Cat’s Claw instead of tincture form. I’m starting with one pill in the morning until I see my LLMD next. No need to rush too fast into this… Slow and easy with this one.


On a brighter and more artistic note – I just finished my first Henna tattoo tonight! I’ve been in love with Henna as an art form for years. There’s a wonderful Henna artist at my local Farmer’s Market on Sunday mornings. But I was assigned to create my own Henna design and tattoo it myself in my Cross-Cultural art class this week. Needless to say I was very excited! I’ve wanted to learn for a while now, and this was just the push I needed. I have a feeling I’ll be experimenting a lot this summer! I’m crossing my fingers the two I did tonight turn out. I’ll post pictures tomorrow!


Peace, love, and healing, molly


“The artist’s world is limitless.  It can be found anywhere, far from where he lives or a few feet away.  It is always on his doorstep.”  ~Paul Strand