Today makes it 5 months since I began my Lyme treatment. I started on the first of January. I remember taking my very first dose of antibiotics and typing my first blog post that night. It felt right, sort of hope for a new beginning in a new year. I didn’t even think about how easy it would make it for me to remember as the months went by! So, I’m mentally congratulating myself for remembering to pause today and think about my journey so far. Living in the moment is my newest goal. 


Door to Adventure... So much has happened and it’s all happened so incredibly fast. I remember only parts, pieces really, of the past 5 months. I expected the herxs, and the setbacks. But I never thought I would be where I am today. So much is up in the air. I’ve got an appointment at Mayo in weeks, beginning a new therapy {Craniosacral}, starting new supplements {samento/cat’s claw}, and am starting summer courses in a week. I’m struggling to keep my symptoms at bay, and am learning how to live with them. I’m coping, and I’m not letting this disease take away too much from me.


I think… that I’m in a good place actually. Here I am listing off some of the most important things on my mind, and yet I know I can handle them. I know I’ll make it through. I’m happy, odd as that sounds. I’m supported by my family, and friends. I’ve found inspiration in all crevices of my life. And I’m learning how to use positive affirmations. I’m trying to live with a positive attitude. It comes naturally to me. Being positive, and accepting reality are hard to fit together. They’re like puzzles pieces that look like they might fit, but try as you might, turn as you will, you simply can’t find that sweet spot. It’s there though, you can feel it! And I can, I can feel it. So it’s part of my adventure now. Finding that sweet spot and fitting all the pieces of my crazy, confusing life together and finally seeing that bigger picture.


Peace and healing, molly


“One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure.” – William Feather