I’ve got a love/hate relationship with the rain. I love it, honestly. I just hate what it does to me. I love the sound it makes on a roof, or when raindrops hit a puddle. I love the smell it seems to create out of thin air. I love the clouds, the thunder, the lightening – I love it all. Except for how it makes me feel. Instead of being able to enjoy that fresh rain smell, or count the seconds between the lightening and the thunder, I’m in too much pain. water drops


It rained all day here in Minneapolis yesterday, and today wasn’t much better. And what have I done? I’ve spent the weekend in bed watching old reruns of The X Files and House with my mom. We’ve both been down for the count. We’ve got the aches that run throughout our entire bodies and the fatigue that makes it feel impossible to get up for that glass of water you know you should be drinking.


This happens to me nearly every time it rains, or the seasonal weather changes. My family lovingly refers to me as a barometer. I can often tell a day in advance of a big rain storm. It’s a talent, and a curse – because then I know what I might be in for, like this weekend. My acupuncturist feels that I’m just sensitive to these weather changes, more sensitive than I’d like at times.


But those terrible aches aren’t all I’m dealing with this weekend. My headache from 2 weeks ago hasn’t broken yet and we’re getting nervous. It isn’t constant, but it’s close. It may be a sign that my intracranial pressure is too high again, even though I’m on a new medication for it. My eye symptoms are coming back full force too. Now I’m seeing bright white flashes in my right peripheral vision 5, 6 , 7 times a day. I tried to count today how many I saw, but kept forgetting what number I was on! {Did anyone say brain fog?}


It does make me nervous. It’s very unsettling to be seeing these symptoms, not just feeling them but actually seeing them become more recurrent. We’re going to call into my doctor about it first thing tomorrow morning.


I’m also dealing with a lot of abdominal pain. I’m on a laxative right now to try to relieve any bowel problems, so we’ll see if the pain can be attributed to that. I’ve had this trouble before, but not since last year.


And as I say G’night to you all tonight I’m hearing the thunder I was anticipating hearing all day. Let’s hope tomorrow holds the promise of a pain-free day.

Peace and healing, molly


“May the pain you have known and the conflict you have experienced give you the strength to walk through life facing each new situation with courage and optimism.”

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