After a few long days of recuperating, I’m happy to report that the spinal tap went pretty well. I think I must be getting used to these because this one didn’t hurt as much as my first did. And it was funny, all the nurses and the doctor remembered me from April! My mom is getting pretty adept at finding her way around the building too. This time she knew just where they keep the drinks, the extra blankets, and we didn’t even get lost trying to find our way out of the maze of hallways as we were leaving.


So, to sum it up – My pressure was raised again. I was told that it was at 23, when a normal pressure is 20 {give or take}. And considering my last LP it was at 28, I’m pleased. I must be getting more sensitive to my symptoms, or something. Because last time I didn’t feel it rising like I did this time. That’s the bad news. I’m lucky that I’m going into Mayo next week because my doctors are getting nervous about my situation.


The procedure itself went fine. I knew what to expect so with a lot of deep breathing I managed to pull through it ok. I’m having a touch of nerve pain in my leg and back, but the doctor explained that it’s most likely some nerve irritation from when the needle was pulled out. I’m really sore this week, partially because of the weather, so between that and the LP i”m taking it easy. I spent all of yesterday and most of today in bed. I’m still hoping and praying that I don’t get the spinal headache this time. I’m nervous because I do have a slight headache, and it did bother me less as I was lying down today. I’ll have to see how tomorrow goes. If it is the spinal headache I’ll be getting a blood patch to relieve the pain this time around.


Otherwise, I’m still seeing those annoying and unnerving flashes of bright light. I think they’ll begin to decrease more as my pressure stabilizes. My vision today is odd as well. It’s blurry, almost like I can’t focus correctly.


There was a flood of phone calls and emails to and fro my parents and both my doctors today. That was fun. I just took the messages! My LLMD wants to see me before July now instead of waiting until the middle of July when my next appointment is. We have a lot to bring up with her anyway, so it’s a good thing. She has also ordered that I stop taking the antibiotic I’m on for my Bartonella co-infection. She believes that the die-off from it could be causing my pressure to be rising as much as it is. Or, there’s a chance that the antibiotic itself could be causing it. So either way I’ve stopped it. I was seeing a lot of improvement on it though. My Bartonella rashes have been shrinking.


My eye specialist has increased my dosage of the medication to lower my pressure. Hopefully I’ll see that starting to take affect soon. She also added on another doctor for me to see at Mayo, so that makes a grand total of 4. I think. I’ve probably lost count of them all by now.


Thanks so much everyone for all the support. Knowing you were thinking of me, and sending me good thoughts, prayers, and energy made it all just a little easier for me yesterday.


Peace and healing, molly


“Each time we face our fear, we gain strength, courage, and confidence in the doing.”