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Lately, I’ve been working to make sure and do what’s best for me right now, in the moment, as it happens. Most of my minutes however, seem planned out. I wake up, and have supplements and probiotics to take. Then I have to wait at least an hour until I can eat breakfast. I read the paper, wander out to my raspberry patch to pick a few berries, check my Facebook and Twitter. You know, all the normal things. Then suddenly I have to think about when I’m allowed to take my vitamins, and my afternoon medications, and my early evening medications, and then my nightly dose of fiber, and then, my night medications. It’s a lot. It’s really a lot. Add onto that summer school and you have one tired girl. It feels as if moment after moment I have something, somewhere, that I should be doing, or taking.


One of those things is my detox baths. I do like taking them. The Epsom salt in them makes the steaming hot water not hurt my muscles, which used to be the case. I couldn’t take baths for years because the hot water would make me feel horrible. I’ve tried to make them as enjoyable as possible. I have a plethora of essential oils to choose from and add depending on my mood or how I’m feeling. So in the winter these baths are wonderful. Quite pleasant. Extremely tiring and exhausting, yes; but worth the effort to detox my body. I can tell when I need it. However…


Piping hot Epsom salt detox baths are fine in the freezing Minnesota winter months, but in the summer heat I’m strangely not drawn to them. I wonder, “Where’s my motivation?”. And then I realize, “Oh yeah; The motivation is not feeling like crap any more!”. So I go run a bath, sweat it up, and don’t accomplish much of anything for the rest of the day. Yeah, sounds about right.


I’m exhausted now, and I didn’t even have time for a bath today. Instead my mom and I took a trip out to a local natural foods store to check out their Gluten-free options. We went in searching for bulk flours and a loaf of bread. A few hours and a cart of of Gluten-free goodies later, we heard a voice. Turned out to be the loudspeaker, thank God, announcing that the sale of 10% off all your Gluten-free food items would be over in 10 minutes. Needless to say, we dropped the search for a  bread mix and ran to the register!


In that store I was in heaven! All Gluten-free items were marked with red tags on the shelf. Do you know how much simpler that made our shopping? They had so many options for us to choose over we were almost overwhelmed. Perhaps the most thrilling is their selection of bulk flours. So much more inexpensive than we’re used to paying! We found noodles, pizza crusts, bread sticks, pretzels, oatmeal, and goat milk yogurt! And so much more. No question about it – we’ll be going back! We must have been there a few hours. Sure, we’ve seen a lot of these things before. But this time we given options, so many more ideas, products, and foods that we could trust.


So what did we do when we got home? My mom and I dug up all the empty jars in the basement and labeled our new bulk flours, rice, and noodles. They all have red tags on them clearly stating that they’re Gluten-free with the cooking directions right there. Every time I open that cabinet I just get a smile on my face. Our food, and my dad’s food, all arranged neat and tidy. I need to be able to see my food, or I’ll forget it’s there. Honestly!  I also cleared out all our kitchen food cabinets. I rearranged, threw out, and emptied the contents. One shelf is now only and completely Gluten-free. There’s no crumbs in it and no confusion involved. I know that I can eat every single thing on that shelf! I feel so liberated!


Liberated and dead tired that is. I probably did altogether too much stuff today, but it made me happy at the time. I think that must count for something. I believe that I am in the middle of a herx right now though. I’m now on my third week of my newest treatment plan. One week on antibiotics, one week off, and this week I’ve gone back on again. It’s been hard, I won’t lie. My daily headaches are back, as well at the nausea and dizziness, the shakiness, and the pain. I’ve worked though some of it because I need to finish my summer course soon, but there have been times that I knew I needed to stop. I just needed to rest, take a break, and let my body do it’s job.


Sometimes, that’s all you can do.


Peace and healing, molly


“When an illness knocks you on your ass, you should stay down and relax for a while before trying to get back up. “ ~ Candea Core-Starke

Yes, you read that right. Pie. Yummy, fresh summer berries cooked to perfection within a crispy, flakey, Gluten-free crust. It’s possible folks. I don’t lie! Ok, maybe not to perfection. But other than that slight all together human flaw I simply don’t lie!

Pie Slice

Ok, enough hype. My newest idea is to post a recipe that I’ve made, or eaten over the week. I want to share the delicious intolerance-free goodness! My mom and I are branching out and experimenting with new foods, cooking styles, and {gasp!} the million different kinds of Gluten-free fours. Not surprisingly, I’m loving it!


Behind the Lyme fatigue, dizziness, shakiness, and yes, nausea, I love to cook. I really do. I’ve got fond memories of learning to cook with both of my talented parents, and I’ve come to learn that there’s not much better than enjoying a freshly cooked meal that you’ve created yourself. However, deserts are my downfall. I love to bake. Let me share a secret with you: I’ve got a closet shelf full to the brim with cake decorating supplies! I haven’t used them lately though. I’m working up to Gluten-free cakes. Cookies, I’ll start with cookies. Who doesn’t like cookies? Or Pie. Mhmmm. Pie.

 Blueberry Pie


So as I promised here’s the recipes I used last week at my cabin to bake two fresh berry pies. One was blueberry, and the other strawberry. {The photos above are of the blueberry one.} By the end of a few short days they were completely gone, and I didn’t get a single complaint about the late of Gluten. Who’d a thought?


We found a pie crust baking mix at the local natural foods store and decided to try it out. Start simple, right? It was a Namaste baking mix, which we’ve had wonderful luck with in the past. You can find it Here. Just look for the Biscuits, Piecrust & More mix. Overall, we enjoyed it. It came out light, and fluffy. It was nearly impossible to roll out a top crust however. It had a tendency to fall apart and crack. We made the strawberry pie into a crumb topping because of this. *TIP: If you plan on rolling out the top crust use butter, not oil in the mix. We couldn’t get the oil to roll out properly.


To make the strawberry version I used this Bob’s Red Mill recipe, and omitted making their crust. We mixed up a quick crumb topping for the top with cinnamon, sugar, and the baking mix made with oil. This pie was great! I loved it, and couldn’t eat enough. My favorite I think.


My mom however preferred the blueberry version. I found the recipe for this one at Jane’s Sweets and Baking Journal. She’s not a gluten-free baker, but I substituted the Namaste crust and used only the filling in the recipe. I loved all the pictures to go with it. It did take a long time to cook down the blueberries though. So, very time-consuming but well worth the extra effort! I really wanted a cooked filling for this one, and I’d highly recommend this recipe.


Hope you hunt out those forgotten pie plates and give these a try!


Peace and healing, molly

keep your fork, there’s pie!”

Yes, yes I know. I’ve been slack in updating lately. I fully acknowledge it! The last few months have held so many ups and downs that I’m exhausted just trying to think about it. Trying being the key word there, as I’m already exhausted before even trying to think. Quite a conundrum, I’d say.


So, wow. Six months of treatment for my Lyme. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around it. The hardest aspect of this update is accepting that just a few months ago I hit the point where I felt as badly as I had last winter in November and December. That’s huge. I hadn’t felt like that in all of these months. And I hit this low while I was off my antibiotics. Am I really getting better yet? I don’t know. Right now, I don’t feel like I am. But I’m holding onto my favorite affirmation: Everything is getting better every day.


Today marks the end of my first week back on antibiotics after my Mayo experience. I’m still not feeling quite myself. I feel a disconnect between my mind and my body. My brain fog is insane right now. I can’t keep a thought in my mind. I’ve got a constant headache, and I’m so very tired. It feels as if it take a huge effort on my part to accomplish anything.


I have accomplished a lot lately, but perhaps I took too much on. Again, I don’t know.


My LLMD feels that being taken off the Levaquin is what finally brought my intracranial pressure down. She’s comfortable putting me back on her treatment plan, but we’re proceeding cautiously. I wish it could be more aggressive though. I want to see the end of the tunnel, not just know that it’s there. You know? So currently I’ve got a week on antibiotics and then a week off. I see her again on the 14th to check in and learn what will come next. She’s keeping an eye on my adrenal functions now too. I’ve begun taking a low dose of licorice extract each morning hoping to up my cortisol  levels. Their low functioning might be what causing some of my deep fatigue.


In the meantime, my eye specialist isn’t completely assured by Mayo’s findings. I go in to see her on the 15th, and will hopefully be able to start lowering my dose of medication controlling my spinal pressure. We’ve found that many of it’s side-affects are actually my Lyme symptoms. It would be nice to know which they’re being caused by!


I’m still enjoying the time at my cabin. It’s been so wonderful to be out of school and able to relax finally. At the same time, it’s been a bit overwhelming so far. The sound level is tough. Loud sounds cause my dizziness and nausea to increase. I’ve got super sensitive hearing as a symptom. Hopefully I’ll still be able to be myself and have some fun with my family this week!


Peace and healing, molly

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