Yes, you read that right. Pie. Yummy, fresh summer berries cooked to perfection within a crispy, flakey, Gluten-free crust. It’s possible folks. I don’t lie! Ok, maybe not to perfection. But other than that slight all together human flaw I simply don’t lie!

Pie Slice

Ok, enough hype. My newest idea is to post a recipe that I’ve made, or eaten over the week. I want to share the delicious intolerance-free goodness! My mom and I are branching out and experimenting with new foods, cooking styles, and {gasp!} the million different kinds of Gluten-free fours. Not surprisingly, I’m loving it!


Behind the Lyme fatigue, dizziness, shakiness, and yes, nausea, I love to cook. I really do. I’ve got fond memories of learning to cook with both of my talented parents, and I’ve come to learn that there’s not much better than enjoying a freshly cooked meal that you’ve created yourself. However, deserts are my downfall. I love to bake. Let me share a secret with you: I’ve got a closet shelf full to the brim with cake decorating supplies! I haven’t used them lately though. I’m working up to Gluten-free cakes. Cookies, I’ll start with cookies. Who doesn’t like cookies? Or Pie. Mhmmm. Pie.

 Blueberry Pie


So as I promised here’s the recipes I used last week at my cabin to bake two fresh berry pies. One was blueberry, and the other strawberry. {The photos above are of the blueberry one.} By the end of a few short days they were completely gone, and I didn’t get a single complaint about the late of Gluten. Who’d a thought?


We found a pie crust baking mix at the local natural foods store and decided to try it out. Start simple, right? It was a Namaste baking mix, which we’ve had wonderful luck with in the past. You can find it Here. Just look for the Biscuits, Piecrust & More mix. Overall, we enjoyed it. It came out light, and fluffy. It was nearly impossible to roll out a top crust however. It had a tendency to fall apart and crack. We made the strawberry pie into a crumb topping because of this. *TIP: If you plan on rolling out the top crust use butter, not oil in the mix. We couldn’t get the oil to roll out properly.


To make the strawberry version I used this Bob’s Red Mill recipe, and omitted making their crust. We mixed up a quick crumb topping for the top with cinnamon, sugar, and the baking mix made with oil. This pie was great! I loved it, and couldn’t eat enough. My favorite I think.


My mom however preferred the blueberry version. I found the recipe for this one at Jane’s Sweets and Baking Journal. She’s not a gluten-free baker, but I substituted the Namaste crust and used only the filling in the recipe. I loved all the pictures to go with it. It did take a long time to cook down the blueberries though. So, very time-consuming but well worth the extra effort! I really wanted a cooked filling for this one, and I’d highly recommend this recipe.


Hope you hunt out those forgotten pie plates and give these a try!


Peace and healing, molly

keep your fork, there’s pie!”