I love Twitter and let me admit I’m slowly but surely being sucked into it’s depths. And as far as Lyme Disease goes, there’s a huge network out there filled to the brim with other Lyme patients, families, activists, and the list goes on. Great articles are shared, new findings, offerings of support and friendship. It’s all there, in 140 characters or less. For those of us with Lyme brain, aka brain fog, confusion, fatigue, etc., tweeting within those allowed spaces is a relief. It’s not so over-whelming as going onto an online forum, or even blogging, to update others and read the latest news.


I can be found under the name dizzygrl05, if anyone’s looking.


So, I found one more reason to love Twitter this morning. In my news feed was an announcement from Under Our Skin, the eye-opening movie exposing Lyme for what it really is. They said simply that Under Our Skin has been requested by IDSA as evidence for the Lyme review panel. In one word: YES!


Read their newest blog post here: Under Our Skin 


You’ll also find there the best summation I’ve read so far of what happened during the IDSA Lyme Disease review a few weeks back. Please, go take a look at it. It gives an understanding of the enormous need for an overhaul of the IDSA Lyme treatment guidelines.


Peace and healing, molly