Looking Good

One complaint from a lot of chronically ill people is that they hate being told, “You look good!” when they’re so sick. They want people to realize that they’re sick, and if we look as sick as we are it’s almost justifying. I have days that I feel horrible, and I’m sure that I look as sick as I feel. Today was one of those days. I see the paleness in my face, and the deep, dark circles under my eyes and think that it’s got to be obvious how sick I am.

Well, this morning I ran into a few people at my doctor’s office after my appointment that I hadn’t seen in a few weeks. They both agreed how “good I looked”. It instantly cheered me up! I love lookin’ good, I don’t know about you! So, I challenge you next time you’re feeling awful {for whatever reason} and somebody takes the time to tell you that you look good, to appreciate it! Sometimes, it’s the small things that really do matter.

I’m grateful for that sweet comment made to me today. It put me in a much better mood, and is still bringing a smile to my face as I think about it hours later!

This photo popped up in my Twitter feed from Kind Over Matter this morning after I got home. There truly are no mistakes in the universe. Thank you, lucy rose!