It’s November. Eleven months into my treatment, and tonight I’m simply staring at my handful of pills, tablets, and capsules. I’ve become accustomed to this ritual. And yet tonight feels different. I don’t know what I’m expecting to happen. But I’ve got that daunted, overwhelmed feeling.

I’d forgotten this feeling. For me it’s the mark of starting new treatments, new antibiotics. It’s a new phase of treatment, and it’s scary.

I had an appointment with my LLMD yesterday. My mom had her 1st official Lyme appointment before me, and then it was my turn. She has finally decided to go ahead and treat her Lyme, slowly but surely. She’s starting with several herbals from the Cowden protocol. {I think!} She’s working on a schedule to keep it all straight, and I’m trying to help as much as I can. Having two Lyme brains working on this has got to be better than one, right? Too bad she’s not blogging about it!

So, my appointment was next. I was feeling great going in. I was expectantly waiting to hear her thoughts on my treatment after going to the ILADS conference. Her plan was to wait until afterwards to begin treating my Babesia and hopefully gain some new information and insight. And, boy, are we going to treat it! She was ready with a plan of attack.

Just as a reminder – Babesia is a common tick-borne co-infection. It functions as a malaria-like infection that thrives in the red blood cells. I received a positive Babesia test result a few months ago, but haven’t talked much about it on here since I wasn’t actively treating it yet.

I’ve been on a very low dose of only one antibiotic since June, Azithromycin. My new treatment is bumping that up to a normal dosage, and adding in two more new antibiotics to target the Babesia. Yesterday I began taking Bactrim, and today I’ll begin the infamous yellow liquid, Mepron.

In addition to these antibiotics, I’m still taking the herbal microbial Cumanda which is targeting the Lyme, Babesia, and my 1st co-infection, Bartonella.

I’m scared of this. I don’t know how I’ll react. How much sicker will I get before I see some more improvement? How long will I be on these medications? Will I be able to finish my semester of school? But, no matter the answer to those questions – I’m ready for it. I’m ready to start this new phase. The sooner I do, the sooner I can get better. It’s time to kick some Babesia butt!

Tonight I’ve nervously taken my 2nd dose of Bactrim. I say nervously because we’re afraid I’m already having some kind of reaction to it. About 6 pm tonight I was almost doubled over in the grocery store with stomach and abdominal pain. It has calmed down for now, and I’d love to not be woken up by it!

I’m crossing my fingers, saying a prayer, and setting some positive intensions.

I’ll be back later this morning with a Mepron post! {Cough-cough-GAG!}


Peace and healing, molly