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I’m tired. More than tired. I feel… weary. That’s just not a pretty word. I hurt. I’m in pain. I’ve had a long weekend, and I haven’t even done anything other than rest. I can tell I needed it. And, I can tell I still need more of it.


It will be ok in the morning. I think so. It will, right? It’ll be better. Every day is better than the last, no matter if I can feel that or not. I know it. That’s what matters. Each day is better than the last because I’ve survived one more day of treatment. I’m one day further in my journey, and I have less road to travel tomorrow, and the day after.

We all keep going. And somewhere deep down I think we all need to know it WILL be ok in the morning. The sun will rise, time will tick by, and we will continue our fight.

Keep up the hope,