I’m going to take a moment and do some shameless self-promoting! I know you all know that I’ve recently opened an eco-friendly jewelry shop on Etsy.com – that much I know I’ve talked about plenty!

But right now I’ve got a few things that I’d like to tell you about that are in progress.

First, I’m offering free shipping on all US orders of $30.00 or more when you order from my shop, Seeking Serendipity! This offer has no end date, as of now, but it won’t last forever :)

And second I’m excited to tell you that you can enter to win one of my upcycled jewelry sets in a blog giveaway right now!


Go to Pink Dandy Chatter for the details on how to enter! I adore the set I created for this.

I’m also part of the Lymenaide Holiday Bazaar. Stop by and check out all the fantastic artists, crafters, and creators in the Lyme community!

Keep an eye out this season – I’m sure I’ll be back with more updates and promotions :)