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Another Lyme friend of mine shared this photo on Facebook, and I immediately sat back in my chair as a wave of understanding rolled over me. Every sane human being is searching at one point or another in their lives for something that speaks to their soul as a purpose. There’s such a deep meaning to that word. Purpose. It’s daunting. More than that though – it’s hopeful. 


I feel that those of us who are chronically ill must intrinsically look to the concept of purpose differently than others at times. 

I don’t know about you, but my purpose at this point in my life, in my own unique journey, is to fight for a healthier me. I wake up every day with the intention to help my body win this fight. Medications, nutritious foods, healing energy, positive affirmations and laughter are all tools in my arsenal.

One day my purpose will change. I will be a healthier me and I’ll be ready to take the next step in my life. But today? I did have a rough morning. As I place my hand over my heart I feel my hopes and dreams surging through my body. I feel the life I have in me. I feel the purpose. I am the purpose. And I’m not giving up.


peace & healing,


I’m that girl who used to blog here. Remember me? I hope you do, because I’ve missed you all! I’ve missed the connection I felt while blogging. Unfortunately, I’ve simply felt unable to write for many, many months – as I’m sure you noticed.
I just wanted to assure you all that I’m alive still. I’m alive and fighting. I’m receiving treatment from a new LLMD that I trust and who feels that I’m making marked improvements, even though I don’t feel them yet. Either way – I’ll take it! I’ve been herxing hard since December 26th, January was a really tough month for me.

Thank You , originally uploaded by vistamommy.

I also wanted to say Thank You to all of you who have left comments here that I haven’t yet responded to, and who reached out to me in the months I’ve been MIA. It has meant the world. So, Thank You. Your support is integral to my road of recovery. Hopefully I’ll be well enough soon to blog an update. In the meantime, all my love!


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