Ever have those complete and utter Lyme moments?

You know the ones I mean. The times when you do something so stupid that it can only be the bugs in your head working their magic. Or those where you disregard all previous experience and turn your body over to fend for itself while your mind gets swallowed up by brain fog. I know you have them too… admit it.

I’ll keep a running tally here of some of my own. Hope they amuse you as much as they have me! (In retrospect, at least.)

Do you have any good stories? Leave them in the comments to commiserate!

  • February 3rd: Today I needed to move some school files onto my Kindle from my computer. Simple! What did I do? I grabbed the cord, plugged both ends in and thought I was good to go. I sat waiting, and watching my computer expectantly. Why wasn’t the device appearing? Finally it dawned on me that in order to see it on my computer, one must not plug the Kindle into the wall!
  • February 12th: This afternoon I belatedly realized that I hadn’t had nearly enough to drink today. After a few moments of convincing myself that I did actually need to get up for water, I set aside the computer and heaved (Ok, maybe heave isn’t the right word. But it felt like heaving!) myself out of the chair in the living room. I walked into the kitchen, grabbed a glass, and went to the sink for water. I turned on the filter, and ran water into the glass. Then I returned to the living room and collapsed back into my chair. I looked at the glass in my hand. It was empty! Only then did I remember and then realize that for some odd, Lyme-induced reason I had filled the glass and then preceded to pour it down the drain.
  • October 25th: I always have a moment of panic when my pill box is completely full and I haven’t used any day’s pills yet, because I always forget what day it is! Eventually I figure out that it’s Monday. Which… is funny because it’s always Monday. I fill my containers every Monday morning.