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One thing that my disease has taught me is that life happens. And I’m learning to let it. There’s no use arguing, it’ll just waste your allotted precious moments. No matter how dark it seems the sun will always rise in the morning. The world keeps spinning. Our lives don’t slow down – no matter how much we wish they could.

I’ve missed you.

Let me tell you what has happened in my life since we last caught up.

You know that saying about how bad things come in three’s? It’s true. I don’t know why, but it is. A few months ago my dad had knee surgery. A few weeks later he was diagnosed with a (unrelated) serious (non Lyme-related) disease. Another few short weeks found him in surgery again. And just a few days later he and my mom were in a terrifying car accident.

That was a month ago.

My family and I are incredibly lucky, however. Both of my parents survived the crash, and came out of it without any life-threatening injuries. We are blessed. I’m convinced that we have someone out there watching out for us. So many things aligned to bring about the events that took place. I can’t even begin to describe my gratitude to the universe.

Both of them have extensive soft tissue damage, and my mom has some neuro symptoms. But we expect them both to have a full recovery from their injuries! It’ll just take time, patience, and a lot of healing.

I feel as if I’m juggling life at the moment. We all are.

I live with them, so I get the day-to-day view. My brothers have helped out so much. One of them has been over almost every day to run errands, do the dishes, or a few loads of laundry for me while I rest or go to school. I can’t drive, but with help we’ve figured out transportation so far. It’s a challenge, but we’re tackling it.

One day at a time has always been my motto.

I have help. I know I can’t do it all. I can’t because I’m sick too. I won’t forget. I won’t let myself, and I know there’s no chance of my parents forgetting! They worry about me as I worry about them. It’s give and take. We all have some adjusting to do!

Life happened. It’s still happening. Maybe the trick really is to learn how to ‘Act’ and not ‘React’ to it.

And before anyone asks – I’m doing alright! Symptoms have flared recently as the weather changes and a herx hit. I’ve been overwhelmed, of course. But I think I’m doing about as ok as I could be.

Thank you to all who have helped us in any way or who have sent their prayers, healing thoughts, and positive energies to my family and I! These things are so appreciated.

Much love, peace, and healing to one and all,



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