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Seems like a good time for an update! It’s absolutely pouring sheets outside and as I pondered the things I could be doing right now, watching the rain pour down on the street below from my picture window and writing up an update seemed high on my list. Higher than doing something about that pile of dishes in the kitchen, or attacking my chemistry homework, or even {gasp!”} reading. And, with this weather I’m sure you’ve guessed that my energy is in short supply today. Better safe than sorry. In truth, I’m saving my energy today because in a few hours I’m meeting up with a few of my best friends to spend some quality chilling out time before school begins again. Don’t even ask when school starts for me either, because I have no clue. I like it that way! Summer might, just might, last a few days longer.


I last wrote before going in for my monthly LLMD visit. At that point, and still, I was having horrible abdominal pains and was getting sick after eating anything, even gluten-free foods. Things have been a mess! So, she checked my spleen, making sure it wasn’t a problem there. And she came to the conclusion that I assumed she would – digestive issues, nothing more. Good news, and bad. I mean, a girl’s gotta eat! She explained it to me saying that my gut and intestines are so inflamed and swollen right now that anything will set them off. We need to get this straightened out! And when I said that I was having highly increased urination too, she said that she would expect that from my situation. Not only am I still on a diuretic medication but my inflamed gut is pressing down on my bladder making me have to pee almost on the hour! And come on, that’s just annoying.


So doctor’s orders: I’m now taking L-glutamine {an amino acid} before breakfast and dinner {1 gram daily}, and digestive enzymes with each meal. L- glutamine is used by some Celiacs to promote healing of the intestines and villi. And as for the digestive enzymes we actually found a brand that carries a special formulation for those can’t handle gluten. It helps ease discomfort when small amounts of hidden gluten are digested, and it too will promote healing in my inflamed abdomen. I’ve only been on these a few days, so we’ll see how they work out. I’m hoping they really will because at this point I’m still getting sick every time I eat.


In other LLMD news, I’ll be starting a few new herbal tinctures that have shown great success when treating Lyme. One, Cumanda is used to treat both Lyme and co-infections. So it’ll be a good fit for me, since my Bartonella treatment didn’t sit too well with my body. It’s an anti-bacterial/fungal/viral/parasitic and anti-inflammatory on top of it! The second is Pinella, is used to eliminate toxins from the brain and central nervous system. And, *BONUS* it treats brain fog!! YES! Please! I’ll even eat the cherry and get sick if I can have some mental clarity for school in September!


I’m also lined up to get my co-infection panel done in the coming weeks. Separate infections other than Lyme can be spread by ticks, and when a person is infected with more than Lyme alone it makes treatment more difficult. I’m being treated for suspected Bartonella, on the basis of several of my common symptoms and the rash that is telling of this particular infection. I have the rash on both hips, my chest, and formerly on my knees. But, I’ve never had a blood test for Bartonella. My LLMD also suspects that I could have other co-infections. If I do, or if I don’t, it’s just best to check and be sure. I’ll get the blood test 2 or 3 days after I start the Cumanda. That way we can stir up my immune system response a bit before testing.


The results are confusing though. I don’t want to have too much on my plate and be overwhelmed with yet another infection to treat. But, I also want to find any and all possible reasons for my being so sick and treat them! So I’m in some ways hoping for positive test results. There’s also the common false-negative to worry about. So if things come up positive, we know I’ve got it. If they all come up negative, there’s still that questions of doubt. Screwed up, right? I know. We desperately need more accurate tests.


I think that’s all I can update for now. I’ve got some friends waiting for me :)  I’ll finish it up soon, no worries! But I’ll give a hint: I’ve got great news from my eye specialist!


Peace and healing, molly

“The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love.” ~ Hubert H. Humphrey

I don’t know where the days went. It was Tuesday, and the next thing I know it’s Friday night and I’m exhausted. Well, that seems to point towards me having at least an exiting week. Which I did, I can verify that for ya. =)


But anyhow, lets see what did I do? There was a Girl Scout leader meeting that Em and I went to on Monday night. We publicized our camp a bit, so that was fun. And chatted, of course. There’s always more planning to be done. Let’s see what else…. Oh, ok I had a chiropractor appointment mid-week or so. That helped my migrates so much. Suddenly I could move my back freely and breath easier too. I’m just amazed every time I go back. My headaches are much improved from this time last week. I’m, needless to say, happy about that. Then I had a few days of internet-inactivity/mind-numbing frustration. It’s up and running now… but it and I haven’t found a mutual appreciation yet. We’re working on it…


Then Tara had a dress-fitting for the wedding. That was so fun! A little crazy and stressful perhaps, but it was nice. Tara brought over the dress she ended up buying this afternoon though. It’s so beautiful!! I can’t wait to see it on her. It’s absolutely perfect for her, a mix of everything she wanted. And, it’s vintage! She’s thrilled, it was so fun seeing her face as she showed it to me. I got to try out my bridesmaid dress too, which I love! It’ll be green and it’s so cute. I’m happy with it. Both Chris and Tara thought I’d like it. They were right!


And tonight, my goodness was there excitement. I was able to hang out with Dan and Gracia at the mall for a few hours. To be perfectly honest, I was just relieved to be out of my house! But, it’s been over a month since I saw Gracia last. And that’s a long time not to see your best friend! So it was awesome to see them, I was so excited I barely got any work done today (but shhhh….). Ahhh, normality is truly bliss.


I think overall, it was a great week but it was a rough one. The rain had me nearly couch-ridden for a few days there. Something about the change in humidity I think, it always makes me hurt so much more. I’ve been much dizzier, and nauseous this week. I’m started taking my anti-nausea meds every day. I’m just dragging, and moving slower than I’d like. I keep noticing how tired I am. I’ve also discovered that blurry vision is my newest herx symptom. That explains why I was having such a problem finding the correct contact prescription! It felt like my eyes kept changing, and turns out they probably were. Greaaat. And the blurriness is just making me more dizzy, which makes me more nauseous. It’s just a cycle that I can’t seem to catch the end of.

Here’s hoping for a restful weekend!


Peace, molly


“Sometimes in our confusion, we see not the world as it is, but the world though eyes blurred by the mind.” ~ Unknown

It’s days like today where I’m reminded of how lucky I truly am. Here I am, working on a scholarship application for the past week. It’s due tonight at midnight, and I turned it in late this afternoon. I was so excited, so proud that I had done it in time. That is, until my emotions went upside-down and backwards on me. As soon as I finalized the electronic application and I scrolled down to submit it and print out my own copy, I saw the word: Mail.


Ohmygoodness, I’m not going to lie. My heart sank. Turns out that I have to find a copy of my transcripts, get a letter of reference, have 2 signed forms of volunteer verification, and mail them all in with a paper copy of the application by February 1st.


I see two problems with this. First, do they not know that the 1st is a Sunday? Just wondering… I mean it’s going to have to be the 2nd if it happens at all. Not my fault, blame someone else for that one. And second, didn’t they think that knowing I would need those things would have been nice before I had submitted the application already?! Again, just curious over here. Needless to say, I was more than a little miffed.


Thank God for email and Facebook. That’s all I can say. I immediately got in touch with all the people I needed help from, and they all graciously agreed to. I’m so lucky, and I know it! I’m meeting with two of them tomorrow to sign the forms, and a third is typing up that letter as I type this. Thank you so much to all of you, really!! You have helped me more than you know, and I appreciate it.


Wish me luck guys, maybe I’ll actually win the scholarship. Who knows?! It could happen :)

Love you all, molly


“I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

Ohmygoodness, this has been a crazy-busy weekend! It’s been a tipsy-turvy but incredibly fun roller coaster ride of a family dinner that included an engagement announcement from my older brother (ack! Congrats again Chris & Tara! Love you both.), a late night filled with browsing wedding dresses, a party, babysitting, homework, and the added displeasure of having to break my diagnosis of Lyme to my best friends. So, whew. I’m still catching my breath.

The dinner (@ Jax in NE Mpls.) was delicious. We all had a great time, better late than never is definitely right. I’m still thinking about that chocolate cake with Irish cream frosting…yummm…. It was so beautiful as we were leaving too. I took some awesome photos of the snow. We’ll see if I’ll find a moment to upload them to my Photo Album in progress this week.

The engagement was a surprise, but not a shock. I think we all saw it coming, but actually seeing the ring and hearing their story truly let it sink in for us all. We’re all so happy for them! I have a distinct feeling that the time between now and 2010 will pass oh so quickly….

Tara’s sister hosted a Partylite party this afternoon. That was fun; we were able to meet some of her family. And, don’t forget the candles! Ah, I can’t wait for the new grapefruit scented one :) (I have a soft spot for grapefruit…..)

I do really enjoy babysitting, no matter how crazy it is. I love kids, and although tonight was a tough one I think I passed the test. We’ll see. But, I think the added bonus is that I was able to spend a few hours stamping and painting with watercolors! Thank goodness for Christmas presents. I had a tied chess game too. I’ve really got to brush up my skills there, that was a close game!

I didn’t get as much writing done as I had hoped, but I’m taking it in stride. I’ve got a few short stories in the works, and I have my mind set on finishing at least one by tomorrow afternoon. Wish me luck! I think I’ll need it… Mondays are hard to work here at home because both my parents are home from work. Distractions abound!

And, yes I was finally able to break my news to a few of my closest friends. Not all, but most. I’ve only been trying to tell them since New Year’s Eve. Not my fault these people are busy! I think they all took it pretty well. I’d mentioned the possibility of Lyme before so it wasn’t a huge shock. It’s still sinking in, I’m sure. I know it is for me. Hopefully I’ll be able to answer any questions they have and clear up the confusion. No promises there guys! You know me… confusion is my way of life!

And, I hope I made sure that they all know how much I’ll need their amazing support and friendships throughout this new journey of mine. They’ve never let me down yet, and they’ve got 6 years behind them so far! I’m the stronger for it, and I hope they are too. Friends are just as important to family in a long journey like mine. Any one’s journey actually. We all have our struggles to bear, and our problems to solve. I’ll still be here for them as well. We’ll lean on each other, how’s that sound guys?  

Well on that note I’ll say goodbye for tonight,

Peace, molly

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