I visited my LLMD this week and I thought you guys would be interested to hear how it went. So, here’s the deal – My LLMD is following protocols of Dr. Fry in regards to the relationship between diet and the lyme bacteria/biofilms. The low-fat diet my LLMD has me on eliminates biofilms in the body. With those gone the antibiotics begin to finally be able to kill off the bacteria hiding and my immune system is able to begin to support itself again. My LLMD believes (and has seen this proven true with other patients) that I can now stop taking antibiotics and continue to see improvement and eventual health by continuing to strictly follow the diet, detox and support my body with a few well-chosen supplements!

Starting Monday I’m stopping antibiotics after 4 years and I’ll see how things go for the next 4-6 weeks.

I think this is fantastic, don’t misunderstand me! I’m just still in shock and still trying to make sense of it all. A year ago I was researching ports vs. piccs and now I’m researching the nutrional content of my foods. It’s a major change of mentality!

So… this is all super exciting, without question, but scary too because the idea of another relapse scares the crap out of me. I’ve done that and I don’t ever want to find myself in that position again :-/

Wish me luck, say a small prayer and join me in throwing as much positive energy and thoughts into the universe about this as you can spare!

All my love as I continue my journey to health and healing.


Update on current conditions:

Molly’s brain has been experiencing heavy bouts of fog today.

It’s fully expected to continue throughout the night and into tomorrow morning. If we’re lucky, it’ll clear up over the weekend.



I’m not sure where to credit this photo, but I stumbled across it today and it moved me. Yes. This. This is how I feel today.

Today wasn’t a good day, but I’ve felt worse. I have what I need to heal right now. I’m in pain, but I was given another day to overcome it. My life is far from perfect. But I am truly blessed.

Keep an eye out for a treatment updated soon! I’m still here. Taking life one day at a time.

Much love,


Yesterday my parents and I drove out of town to see my LLMD. It’s not too far away, but it’s not close by like my other doctor. We usually stop to stretch our legs along the way. This time we stopped at a lakeside marina with a small park looking out over the water. It was beautiful. Blissful. Calming. Centering. I could go on… But what I loved most was the swings. One of my rules in life is to never pass up a chance to swing. Just don’t. Take a moment to fly through the air, feel the wind on your face, give in to a giggle and you won’t regret it. I promise!

By my standards today was a wonderful day! After the hell that was yesterday I enjoyed every small and happy accomplishment today: Blueberry muffins, pink toe nails, washed hair, homemade popsicles, and being coaxed by my lovely best friend Gracia to go to an outdoor concert in the park tonight which meant time spent with my mom and my cousin, and last but not least… swings!

Side note: I giggle when I swing. Don’t you?

Smiles, laughter and joy will be remembered from today. The symptoms? They’ll be forgotten.

My Horoscope

Anyone ever read their horoscope? I don’t base my life on them, but I do occasionally like to take a peek at it in the morning paper. This was mine this morning. It’s SO true. I love it. Usually they’re super generic. True, this one is also. But I love it all the same. It’s a beautiful reminder, and message :) Just wanted to share!

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