Before You Go Away

I learned so much from you.


Listen closely; I have something to tell you.

Ignore that corkscrew over there.

Listen to me.


I learned so much from you.


The sound of a pill bottle’s rattle, rattles you as well; I know that.

Listen to me.


I learned so much from you.


You taught me the virtue of patience. You inspired in me hope,

resilience and determination when I needed them most. You

led me to discover new passions and how to enjoy them. It was you

who taught me the true power and meaning of empathy. It was only

after knowing you that I developed an inner strength strong enough

to be my guide. My courage is thanks to you as well, because it was

you who challenged me to test it.


These, and so much more you have given to me as gifts.


I learned so much from you.


You helped me find these things deep within myself, and for that

I thank you. I am sure now that you have served your purpose in my

life. I can say goodbye to you with no regrets and with a forgiving heart.


I learned so much from you.


We both know you sicken me. Still, you are as much a part of me as I am

of you. I cannot forget you, no matter how hard I may try. We share so

much in order to simply survive; memories live in our very cells.


I learned so much from you.


Before you go away, I beg you to take one last look at me. You did this.

Pack your bags and leave my sanctuary. Your toxic way of life is

not welcome here. See, you are the one who taught me the importance

of standing up for myself.


I learned so much from you.


Go ahead, let the door slam on your way out, just don’t forget your

corkscrews. I don’t want them.


All Rights Reserved, Molly Murphy (September 13, 2011)