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Tomorrow is the big day. It’s the day I’ve worked to earn for the past four years, no matter how impossible it felt. Tomorrow I graduate from high school!

I could cry. I honestly, seriously, could cry. I was told two years ago that there was no possible way I would ever be able to catch myself up enough in order to graduate with my class. I wanted to prove to myself that even with my health in the state it was, I wasn’t going to let my life get pulled out from under me.

I needed to prove to myself I could do it. And, I have. I did it. I worked at home with tutors, through summers, and online in order to complete high school and still continue my treatment. I know my family and friends are incredibly proud of me. And I’m genuinely proud of myself.

I couldn’t tell you how I did it. I wish I had a secret to pass on to those others working though high school with chronic illnesses. The last two years are a blur. But tomorrow I’ll don a royal blue cap and gown and walk across that stage. I know I won’t have to remind myself to smile!

I’ll be back with a celebratory post as soon as I can.

Thank you for your continued support; it has meant so much!


Peace and healing to all!



“Success means having the courage, the determination, and the will to become the person you believe you were meant to be”           – George Sheehan


I took things literally.

Paintin' May Green!

What are YOU doing to “Paint May Green” for Lyme Disease Awareness Month? Every little thing counts, no matter how little.

More from me soon. I’m in the final week of high school, my friends. The assignments are piling up and summer awaits. My graduation is in just over a week – I’m speechless. Honestly. I’m in shock that I’ve even made it to this point. Now my only job is to buckle down, finish up my stacks of work, and soak up the sun. One thing at a time, however.

Keep me in your thoughts as I push myself this week! And, spread a little awareness wherever you go. Get the word out. Need info? Check out Lymenaide’s amazing website.

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