To wish to be well is part of becoming well

Have you ever just stopped, taken a breath, and wondered what just happened? Yeah, I do that a lot. My week has been one thing after another, and I’m stopping to take a breath, and I’m thinking to myself: “I’m ok. I made it through. I did it!” And there’s nothing more self-satisfying in my mind than hearing myself think that.


Let me summarize the past few days for you. On Tuesday I had an LP, a spinal tap. I was about as prepared as I could have been. I’d had the last one so recently that all the doctors and nurses remembered me! The procedure itself wasn’t too bad. It was actually shorter and less painful than my first one. So I’m incredibly thankful for that, thinking back on it. The doctor was very nice, and let me know exactly what he was doing as he was doing it. I think he remembered I was a bit of a talker :) When I asked about the opening pressure {of my spinal fluid} he said that it was slightly higher than before. So, of course then I wasn’t too happy, and slightly less grateful {to be honest}. Unfortunately that was exactly what my doctor had been worried about, and why I was having the test again in the first place.


I don’t have an exact number, or measurement, but when my doctor called us later that afternoon she explained that a normal pressure is about 100 or below. Mine was above 300. They were concerned, but not overly. At least, I hope not. She promised to talk to my LLMD about it, and get back to use. Well my LLMD is about the hardest doctor to get a hold of that you could imagine. So yesterday I was put on a new medication to bring the pressure down. I’ll be on that until next week, or longer. We don’t know yet.


But, speaking of next week that oh so nicely brings me to my next tidbit of news. After my eye specialist finally got in touch with my LLMD they talked things over, and called my parents this morning. I woke up with the wonderful news. First, they would like me to be seen at the Mayo clinic as soon as possible, maybe as early as next week, to rule out any other possible causes other than Lyme disease complications. I think Mayo is one of the few hospitals in the metro area that I haven’t been to in the last 6 years! Please keep me in your thoughts as I move forward with the referral. My LLMD has been very adamant that they will not be accepting of the Lyme diagnosis.  My parents and I are viewing this as an appointment to rule out  all other options, that’s all.


Then the second news I received this morning, I was to be scheduled for an emergency MRV procedure this afternoon. The purpose of that was to detect any blood clots in my brain, if they were there. Good news, the test came back negative. So no blood clots!


That procedure went well also. It was a long wait, almost 2 hours for what turned out to be only 30 minutes in the machine. It was the first time that I can remember ever having to have an IV placed though. That took them a while. My veins are absolutely horrible, it takes try after try to get a vein! But, after a lot of work and a heating pack the tech got it in the very first stick. Needless to say, I was impressed! They used the IV to inject contrast for part of the procedure. This was much more enjoyable than my MRI last month though, let me tell you. This time they had music for me to listen to, and the pieces holding my head didn’t fall out of place! the doctor was wonderful, so nice.


Overall, not too bad. It would have been better if I hadn’t gone in there with what we think might have been another spinal headache. But tonight I’m feeling better. Just very, very tired and a bit sore. Fatigued seems like such an overused word in my world, but it does sum it up quite nicely.


I’m excited however for this weekend. Tomorrow my parents, Wilson {my puppy!}, and I are packing up the van and heading out to Milwaukee. My big brother Chris is graduating from college this weekend, and we have a whole slew of festivities planned!


I’ll update when I can.

Peace and healing, molly


“To wish to be well is part of becoming well.” ~ Seneca


Photo: The view looking up our hill at my cabin in Northern WI.